post guidelines

Contest Posting Guidelines

What you CAN post
Basically, you can post any event or opportunity that has some benefit for creative people. "Benefit" means that there is something real to be gained by the artist: prizes, awards, publication, etc. (the possibility of future payment or exposure is NOT generally acceptable).

Types of Opportunities
  • Calls for Entry
  • Contests and Competitions
  • Trade Shows and Conventions
  • Gallery Shows and Exhibits
  • Art Shows and Fairs
What you CAN'T post
If there is no benefit for the artists, then don't post it.
This includes:
  • Schemes to get free art or designs
  • Offers for 'exposure' or 'potential future royalties'
  • Direct commission requests for specific artwork or designs
  • Jobs or employment listings

*Do not post contests that you have no affiliation with! Only the contest organizer, promoter, or proprietor should post their contest.

Listing Content:
CHECK for SPELLING and GRAMMAR before posting!
Please refrain from using language that is offensive, hateful, sexually explicit, bigoted, etc).

Page Formatting:
Do not overuse capitalization or ALL CAPS.
Do not overuse BOLD or ITALIC highlighting.
Please add line breaks (new paragraphs) to break up large blocks of text (ie, use the Enter key).

Web addresses (URLs) will not be converted to hyperlinks. Please use the "Website URL" field to post a link to your official contest page.

Thumbnail image:
Images are resized to 100x100 pixels square when uploaded. It's best to upload a square image to get the exact image you want (our software will resize then crop any non-square images from the middle).

* Please do not upload images with explicit nudity or otherwise offensive material.

Listing Cancellation and Refund policy
You may cancel your listing at any time by sending us a detailed message via our contact form. Given the nature of our service, we can only offer refunds for canceled listings within 24-hours of the date posted. Refund amount will be the full price paid, minus any merchant transaction fees and a $20 administration fee. You may request a refund by using our Contact form.

We reserve the right to cancel, without refund, any Listing that is deemed to be illegal, fraudulent, takes advantage of contest entrants, or is otherwise against our terms of use. Free Listings may be canceled at any time, for any reason, without warning or explanation.