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Posted: Nov 21, 2011


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Type:Art Show
Category:Art Contests > Photography
Entry Fee:$31 - 40
Location:CPAC - Lakewood, CO
Prizes:Solo Show
Entry Deadline
Nov 30 2011
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Art Show Details

CPAC Call for Entry - iWorld: It’s official – technological innovations like the iPhone have revolutionized visual communications, spurred uprisings, and sustained occupations in a new world inundated with instruments of invention, intrusion, and instant gratification. Digital media have changed the ways in which we interact with our environment, our governments, and ourselves. Photographers and bystanders alike record events that sustain, fascinate, inspire, and intimidate us. iWorld invites you to respond to the “i-zation” of our culture by sharing your best interpretation, inspiration, innovation, or illustration of the world that you see.

Entry deadline is 11/30/11.

Please visit www.cpacphoto.org for more info and entry guidelines.

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