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Posted: Sep 10, 2010

Open call for works to Celeste Prize 2010 - New York - 40,000 euros prize money, artists vote!

Type:Call for Entries
Category:Art Contests > Multimedia
Entry Fee:$51 +
Location:Submissions directly online now! Final exhibition in Brooklyn at Invisible Dog from 11 December
Prizes:40,000 euros
Entry Deadline
Sep 30 2010

Call for Entries Details

Celeste Prize 2010, 2nd edition in New York, 40,000 euro prizes voted by artists!

• Live Media audiovisual & Performance 8,000 €
• Photography & Digital Graphics 8,000 €
• Video & Animation 8,000 €
• Installation & Sculpture 8,000 €
• Painting 8,000 €

Julia Draganovic (Germany) and Mark Gisbourne (UK).

Paz Aburto Guevara (Germany, Chile), Giuliana Altea (Italy), Heather Anderson (Canada), Jadwiga Charzynska (Poland), Cecilia Freschini (China, Italy), Fernando Galan (Spain), Adrienne Goehler (Germany), Gilberto González (Spain), Vardit Gross (Israel), Kati Kivinen (Finland), Tasja Langenbach (Germany), Renato Miracco (USA, Italy), Julian Navarro (USA, Colombia), Patricia Pulles (The Netherlands), Asher Remy-Toledo (USA), Manon Slome (USA, UK), Yuliya Sorokina (Kazakhstan), Fangling Tseng (Taiwan), Jason Waite (UK, USA).

Selectors for Live Media Prize only:
Digicult, Marco Mancuso (Italy), Eyebeam, Amanda Mc Donald Crowley (USA, Australia), Forward Motion Theater, Eric Dunlap (USA), Isadora and artistic co-director of Troika Ranch, Mark Coniglio (USA), Mapping Festival, Justine Beaujouan (Switzerland), Neural, Alessandro Ludovico (Italy), Claudio Sinatti (Italy).

28 international art critics and curators will decide in a unique, totally open process, the 50 finalist artists for this year’s 40,000 € Celeste Prize 2010 in New York. The prize is the highest international award in contemporary arts with this kind of selection process. Each member of the jury declares online months before the exhibition final in December his or her nominees: the finalist artists are chosen from those with the highest number of preferences. In a second stage, the finalist artists themselves will vote the prize money during the exhibition final.

The prize is open to any person practicing art, whether full or part-time professionals, students and self-taught artists from anywhere in the world. There are no limits for age, sex, experience or qualifications. The prize encourages participation by artists at every level.

Join Celeste Network! It's free. Fastest growing network for artists and arts professionals worldwide already more than 35,000 members have signed up.

Celeste Prize
was founded by Steven Music and
is organized by an Italian non-profit,
Associazione Culturale L’Albero Celeste
Via Sangallo 23, 53036 Poggibonsi (Siena), Italy.
Tel: +39 0577 939425


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