481 women in the arts edition 2010

Posted: Mar 10, 2010

Women in the Arts, Edition 2010

Category:Art Contests > All Art Forms
Entry Fee:$31 - 40
Prizes:Membership in ARTROM Gallery GUILD
Entry Deadline
Apr 30 2010

Competition Details

ARTROM Gallery continues its commitment to women artists worldwide with the opening of the TOPTEN "Women in the Arts, Edition ┬░2, 2010 " International Art Competition. The competition is now open to receive submissions.

A woman's creative perspective and experience is not better, not in competition, not more important than any other but it exists clearly, strongly, steadfastly. It is diverse within itself, interesting, curious, at times controversial.

For us, this female perspective is a pleasure to see, to reflect upon, to work with. Over the last three years we have discovered a wealth of high quality creative talent through the submissions of passionate artistic women. The ARTROM Gallery, TOPTEN, Women in the Arts Edition┬░2, 2010 International Art Competition is a structure to give visibility to this wonderfully broad resource.

We encourage all of you to participate by sending in your best 5 images.

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