479 artjurycom 10th international juried show

Posted: Mar 10, 2010

Artjury.com 10th international Juried Show

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Category:Art Contests > All Art Forms
Entry Fee:$0 - 10
Prizes:$3,500 for Best of Show and six $100 Awards of Excellence
Entry Deadline
Apr 28 2010
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Contest Details

ArtJury.Com and The American Juried Art Salon (AJAS) are now accepting entries for their 10th international show.

Jurists include Charles DeBus of Southern Methodist University; Lynn Fero, Vice President, Business Affairs, CBS Television Distribution; Mark Gordon, Professor of Art, Barton College.

We were the first juried show to offer all participating artists the jury evaluations of their entered works.

We were the first juried show to develop and use an objective scoring mechanism to provide a level playing field for all entrants.

We do not employ hype to attract your participation. We do employ integrity.

Assisting artists to develop their skills and provide them a professional venue in which to display their work are important reasons we are here.

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