459 split second impulse international photography competition

Posted: Jan 21, 2010

Split Second Impulse International Photography Competition

Category:Art Contests > Photography
Entry Fee:$41 - 50
Prizes:ARTROM Gallery GUILD membership and more
Entry Deadline
Feb 28 2010

Competition Details

Open to all artists working in traditional or digital photography.
Photographers posses not only a sharpened capability to see moments, even intuit those about to arrive but they have toned their ability to know how to make that split second decision which tells them that what they see, is worth capturing. It's an impelling force.

This motivating force, sudden wish or urge prompts the unpremeditated act or feeling that has created masterpieces and important historical documentation over the millenium.

We would love to see your "split second impulses"!
We encourage all of you to participate by sending in your best 5 images.

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