400 center for railroad photography amp art 2010 awards program

Posted: Sep 09, 2009

Center for Railroad Photography & Art - 2010 Awards Program

Category:Art Contests > Photography
Entry Fee:$0 - 10
Prizes:Canon EOS 50D and cash prizes
Entry Deadline
Dec 31 2009

Award Details

As a part of its commitment to excellence, the Center for Railroad Photography & Art has established annual, national awards for outstanding contributions to railroad imagery. We want to continue expanding the definitions and interpretations of railroad photography, while honoring those who are making new artistic and creative contributions in the 21st century.

This year’s theme challenges the photographer to understate (or even eliminate) the locomotive in the photograph and emphasize other aspects of the railroad environment. Throughout the history of railroad photography, some of the most memorable images are devoid of trains all together. Photographers like Richard Steinheimer, David Plowden, John Gruber, and Jeff Brouws are just a few examples of people who saw that the allure of railroad photography and art is found beyond the locomotive.

Photographers will be judged on their ability to demonstrate creative, technical, and interpretative excellence in new and unusual ways. We want to encourage the caliber of work that is suitable for gallery and museum display.

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