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Posted: Sep 09, 2009

Think Outside the Parking Box

Category:Design Contests > Product Design
Entry Fee:Free
Prizes:10,000 Euro in prizes
Entry Deadline
Sep 27 2009

Competition Details

The subject of the international competition is 'Think outside the parking box' in search of cutting edge design to challenge conventional urban parking to be tougher and more stylish.

Qashqai is a resilient urban vehicle with distinct style. It is capable to take on whatever the city throws at it – Qashqai is 'Urbanproof'. We are looking for ideas around Nissan’s tough and stylish Qashqai. Designs may challenge any element of urban parking (underground, exterior, interior, multi-layer, ground level, shape,
colors, material, smell, sound, ramps, signage, limits, etc.).

Urban parking is in need of a renovation. Ideas must challenge current perceptions of urban parking and offer a tougher, sleeker, or even playful rendering of it.

The urban parking challenge is open to innovative designers with a bold and daring vision. Design is an innovative field with an ever-growing number of mediums to create this parking renovation: graphic, video, urban, industrial, lighting, motion and more. Ideas may be delivered as videos, objects or illustrations.

You need to include a Qashqai model or a part of it (rear-view mirrors, grills, wheels, wheel caps...) in the final entry. The Qashqai model does not have to be necessary a part of the design itself. It should just be included somewhere in the final video, in the picture of your object, illustration or image depicting the design. A variety of images & videos of the Qashqai model are available to include in the entry as you wish to feature it.

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