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Posted: Jul 06, 2009

Digital Artist 2009

Type:Call for Entries
Category:Art Contests > Digital Art
Entry Fee:Free
Prizes:Digital Artist Award, published in sponsors magazines/websites
Entry Deadline
Aug 31 2009

Call for Entries Details

Digital Artist 2009 is a brand new competition for anyone with a passion for digital art and design from across the globe. It aims to inspire, recognise and reward the highest standards of digital art across a range of genres and categories from concept art, illustration, architectural visualisation, and animation to character design and videogame art.

The competition is organised by leading art and design magazines: Computer Arts, Computer Arts Projects, ImagineFX, 3D World and .net. You can find out more about the magazines on their official websites: www.computerarts.co.uk, www.imaginefx.com, www.3dworldmag.com, and www.netmag.co.uk.

Digital Artist 2009 is pleased to work in association with Intel as the official partner for competition.

There are thirteen categories to choose from and you may choose to enter a total of five submissions across all of them. The submission process is web-based. The competition is open for entries until the end of August, when a panel of judges will select the category winners and runners-up.

The Categories for the Awards are listed below:

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Animation
  3. Motion Broadcast
  4. Web & Interactive Design
  5. 2D illustration
  6. 3D illustration
  7. Character Design
  8. Concept Art
  9. Videogame Art
  10. Architectural Visualisation
  11. Visual Effects
  12. Product Visualisation
  13. Stars of Tomorrow (two age groups: under 16 and 17-25 years of age)
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