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Posted: May 25, 2009

Foldees Greeting Card Contest "Monochrome"

Category:Design Contests > Graphic Design
Entry Fee:Free
Prizes:$2,000 cash prizes
Entry Deadline
Jun 11 2009

Contest Details

Design a card using only black, white and maaaaybee one more colour, and win cash and prizes.

This time around, we’re challenging designers to an exercise in simplicity. We want you to design a card around the theme, “Monochrome”. Arguments aside, we define Monochrome as only one colour (and black and white are not colours). What kinds of designs are we looking for? Any kind! Although if you’re unsure, we’d probably prefer that you stick to staples like Birthdays, Flirty, Get Well, or Friendship cards.

Please keep in mind that we’ll be keeping an extra sharp eye on not just design, but card themes that make use of the “Monochrome” theme. The official rule for now is that the cover must only be of one colour (not including black and white), but the inside of the card has no limitations, except the usual Foldees rule of strictly vector art only.

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