319 fotoblur magazine issue 2 call for entries

Posted: Apr 13, 2009

Fotoblur Magazine Issue 2 Call for Entries

Type:Call for Entries
Category:Art Contests > Photography
Entry Fee:Free
Prizes:Included in magazine
Entry Deadline
Apr 30 2009

Call for Entries Details

fotoblur is accepting submissions for its #2 issue and wants to show off your photography!

fotoblur is a photography community that offers its members a place to showcase their work. We provide our members an easy, simple interface for creating and displaying a personal image gallery.

What is fotoblur print edition?
fotoblur print edition is a printed publication that showcases the best work from fotoblur.

What is the selection process for fotoblur print edition?
Selections for fotoblur print edition will be performed by a combined process of voting by members of the fotoblur community and selections made by our editors. Voting by the community tells us which images you feel are of the highest artistic quality. In order to present a variety of images (ie landscapes, waterscapes, street, portraits) fotoblur editors will make the final selections for publication.

fotoblur reserves the right to exclude any image that violates fotoblur's Terms Of Use Agreement or print edition submission requirements. We will also limit the number of inclusions by any one member providing the opportunity for others to have their work seen.

What do I win if my photograph is selected for fotoblur print edition?
A million dollars and a free photo trip for a year. Boy I wish that were true! For good measure though we are willing to award members with a free 1 year premium membership to fotoblur.com. We will also offer contributors a discounted version of the publication. As we grow, we hope to offer contributors more than just bragging rights!

Who will own the copyright to my image?
You, the artist, will retain all rights to your image. By submitting your work to fotoblur, you grant us the ability to show it on the web, print it in our publications, and/or use it for promotional material.

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