259 braunprize 2009 international design award

Posted: Jan 05, 2009

BraunPrize 2009 International Design Award

Type:Art Show
Category:Design Contests > Product Design
Entry Fee:Free
Prizes:€36,000 in prizes and included in BraunPrize Exhibition
Entry Deadline
Jan 31 2009

Art Show Details

The BraunPrize seeks to promote the work of young designers from all over the world, to recognise the work of design schools and to help develop a greater appreciation of the factors and criteria which make for good product design.

Call for entries
Participants are free to choose any subject for their product concepts. The BraunPrize has always been entirely independent of the Braun product range and is not restricted to products from the consumer goods sector.

The product concepts submitted should represent real innovations in design and technology, focusing on the essential topics of our time. The conceptual designs should be developed with users´ needs in mind showing applications which support them in their everyday lives - in the home, at work or school, during sports and leisure activities or in the context of health and personal care.

Why are we committed to promoting design?
When the BraunPrize was created in 1967, it set out not only to encourage young talented designers by promoting their work but also to give the public an insight into the criteria which constitute good design.

Today, everyone is talking about design. And living, as we do, in an age of globalisation, the idea of promoting design as an absolute no longer seems to make any sense.

Because we find ourselves confronted with a greater diversity of products than ever before; with saturated Markets, with falling prices and the endless pursuit of the best deal. We have to contend with contradictions and the breakdown of values.

That is why, today, the BraunPrize should send a signal that rejects the trivialisation of values, products and design. Design should be seen as having inherent value rather than serving as decoration.

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