242 beer bottles international sustainable design competition

Posted: Nov 26, 2008

Beer Bottles International Sustainable Design Competition

Type:Art Show
Category:Design Contests > Product Design
Entry Fee:Free
Location:Milan, Italy
Prizes:Free exhibition space during Milan Design Week
Entry Deadline
Dec 15 2008

Art Show Details

Beer Bottles nei luoghi pubblici is an international sustainable design competition to develop creative solutions to the problem of glass drink bottles left and broken in public meeting areas in Milan and many other cities. Participation is open to students and professionals from every country in the world. Free registration required.

Several public meeting areas in Milan are witnessing social and environmental degradation. The San Lorenzo Columns area is one such area where many drink bottles and glasses are left and broken during spring and summer nights. The San Lorenzo Columns, in Corso di Porta Ticinese, are in an accessible position near the centre of the city. It is a fashionable area, with pubs, bars and restaurants surrounding a Roman monument consisting of ten columns in front of the Basilica di San Lorenzo.

In June 2006 the social and environmental degradation reached a critical point, and the area residents complained. The mayor decided to implement several experimental measures to support the residents and protect the monument site. For example, after 9.00 pm all pubs and bars in the area were only allowed to sell drinks in plastic cups. Another measure involved closing the whole area with metal barriers from 7.00 pm until 7.00 am. Unfortunately, the mayor’s measures failed. Instead of solving the problem, frequent visitors to the area retaliated, organising several protests against the decisions. The area witnesses the same problem every year.

How can empty glass bottles left in public meeting areas create design opportunity?
How can design be a tool for tackling social and environmental degradation in public areas?
Develop a scenario and design the related product(s) and/or service(s) considering the stakeholders representative of the various phases in the product’s life cycle as part of the solution (these include: groups of consumers, bars, pubs, local beverage traders, street beverage traders, area residents, and AMSA, the company that manages urban waste collection and disposal in Milan).

Wendy Brawer (Green Map System http://www.greenmap.org/)
Martin Charter (The Centre for Sustainable Design http://www.cfsd.org.uk/)
Niels Peter Flint (Experience Design Lab http://www.exdl.com/)
Clara Mantica & Giuliana Zoppis (Best Up http://www.bestup.it/)
Gary Owen (ResponseAbility Alliance http://www.responseabilityalliance.com/)
Ursula Tischner (Econcept http://www.econcept.org/)

Entries to this competition will be judged on:
Environmental awareness
Social harmony
Economic efficiency

The designers of the 3 winning entries will be awarded a free exhibition space during Milan Design Week 2009 from April 22 though April 27, 2009.
The designer of the top entry will be offered travel expenses. In the case of a group submission, only one member will be awarded travel expenses.

Contest Tags: sustainable design, beer bottle design, product design
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