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Posted: Oct 30, 2008

Emerging Designer Competition: Southeast

Type:Art Show
Category:Design Contests > Fashion Design
Entry Fee:Free
Location:Mt. Pleasant, SC
Prizes:Included in Fashion Exhibition
Entry Deadline
Nov 17 2008

Art Show Details

Up-and-coming designers in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia: This is your chance to prove your talent. Nine winning designers will show their collections at Charleston magazine's Charleston Fashion Week in March 2009.

The top designer will be named at the event's finale gala. The deadline for submission is November 17.

Designer must fall into at least one of these categories:
1. Currently design for own label / own company and have done so for less than 2 years.
2. Currently design fashions as a hobby / part-time job / on the side.
3. Currently study fashion design.
Designer must also:
+ Be a resident of South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia.
+ Be 18 years of age or older.

Include a biography of yourself, detailing your background, how you came to be a fashion designer, and how you came to the current stage in your career. Please do not exceed 1 page in length.

Please submit design sketches or renderings of four (4) garments to be featured in the proposed collection presented during Charleston Fashion Week 2009.

Your entry video should be 1-5 minutes in length and should express your design aesthetic and individuality. We would like to hear about your design philosophy and what you hope to present at Charleston Fashion Week.

A few tips:
+ Do not have the auto focus feature on as it may cause your image to be blurred.
+ Make sure you have proper lighting and that the light is aiming at you and not coming from behind you.
+ Do not have the date stamp on while recording.
+ The ideal position of the camera should be 4 feet away from you.
+ Do not sit or stand too close to the camera or cut off your head in the viewing frame.
+ Do not have music or noise on in the background.
+ Once you record, make sure that you can play your DVD back to yourself on your computer or in a DVD player.

Only entries submitted on full size DVD will be permitted.

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