233 technotalent international call for technotalents

Posted: Oct 30, 2008

Technotalent International Call for Technotalents

Category:Design Contests > Other
Entry Fee:Free
Location:Milan, Italy
Prizes:70/50/30% discount on tuition
Entry Deadline
Nov 10 2008

Scholarship Details

Domus Academy - the Master in Interaction Design launches the third edition of its international call for Technotalents –academic year 2009 edition– The Master in Interaction Design (I-Design) is looking for young talents to enroll.

Interaction Design culture combines TWO DIFFERENT SKILLS:
:: a strong aesthetical, strategic and design capability
:: competence in the technological aspects.

If your profile matches any of the requirements here below, you might be the perfect candidate to win one of the 3 fantastic scholarships (70%; 50%; 30%) to join the Master in Interaction Design in January 2009!

PROFILE SOFT: you think that code is poetry
Your mind is always thinking on how to program your next project.
You are the person who knows the best program for any application.
You are able to program in languages such as Action Script, Processing, Pure Data, Max/MSP, VVVV.

PROFILE HARD: you blindly trust in chips and sensors
You have experience in physical computing and are familiar with principles of electronics and mechanics.
You understand microcontrollers, and their capabilities in controlling processes with sensors and actuators.
You are familiar with prototyping platforms such as Arduino/Wiring, PIC. You are able to program in languages such as C, Visual Basic, Assembler.

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