226 house of scratch art show

Posted: Oct 30, 2008

House of Scratch Art Show

Type:Art Show
Category:Art Contests > Digital Art
Entry Fee:$11 - 20
Prizes:Added to Best of the Best roster
Entry Deadline
Nov 30 2008

Art Show Details

We are looking for artwork which is surrealistic, imagination-based, visionary, psychedilic, low brow, outsider, esoteric and fantastic in nature. Genres ranging from horror and science fiction to fantasy are also welcome.

House of Scratch offers the opportunity for previously unknown artists to be juried into an online show of surrealist art. Every month we’ll host a new show of ten artists, and since we’re looking for the best of the best, visitors to the website will be able to help us by voting for their favourite artist.

One artist per show–the one with the most votes–will be deemed the “Best of the Best” in that show. The artist’s work will then be added to a continually developing and ongoing roster of up and coming talent under the “Best of the Best” banner.

If this project is to achieve its full potential, then it must be able to interact with the public at street level. Once we have a series of artists, from consecutive monthly shows under the “Best of the Best” banner, we’re going to mount our first ever House of Scratch physical gallery show here in Toronto, Canada, showcasing those very artists. It’s really going to be something to see!

Contest Tags: house of scratch, surrealist art, visionary art
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