218 extraordinary every day travel contest

Posted: Sep 24, 2008

Extraordinary Every Day Travel Contest

Category:Design Contests > Industrial Design
Entry Fee:$51 +
Location:Milan, Italy
Prizes:15,000 Euro
Entry Deadline
Nov 21 2008

Contest Details

The Extraordinary, Every Day Travel Contest inspired by "contemporary nomadism" is open to fashion designers, architects, designers and creative professionals of any nationality and age.

Participants are invited to design extraordinary objects, elements and accessories that can be used, transported, utilized during those everyday activities which take place on a journey.

It must be an extraordinary object made from Alcantara materials that satisfies the four values that make Alcantara unique: a sensorial experience, aesthetics, functionality and exclusiveness.

There is a daily nomadism that affects everyone, consisting of traveling either long or short distances.

Every day, when moving through the space separating us from the environments in which we study, work or spend our free time, we feel the need to take with us objects that represent and improve the quality of our time.

Making each journey, however short, a unique experience.

Reflecting upon this nomadism concept, AlcantaraLAB decided to get in contact with creative people, designers and anyone else interested in trying out new things, asking them to make each journey as extraordinary as possible.

Because Alcantara has founded on "the extraordinary that becomes part of everyday life" its uniqueness, based on the coexistence of sensorial, aesthetic and functional values that are found in one material, and can be experienced by those who love enjoying deeply the products they use every day.

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