215 applied arts interactive awards 2008

Posted: Sep 24, 2008

Applied Arts Interactive Awards 2008

Type:Art Show
Category:Design Contests > Web Design
Entry Fee:$51 +
Entry Deadline
Oct 10 2008

Art Show Details

In today’s highly competitive market, the challenge is how to get noticed. One of the best ways is to promote your talent to Canada’s creative community and potential clients by entering your work in one of the country's most popular awards competition. This year's categories are: Online advertising, Website and Other/Non-Traditional.

Interactive media has truly grown up. Today, interactive creativity takes many forms. Online ads go well beyond the banner, offering sophisticated integrated campaigns, video, blogs and more. Websites have also become more complex, including mini-sites, ‘Webisodes,’ social networking forums and so on.

To help make entering easier, we have completely revamped our categories, dividing them into three main areas: Online advertising, Website and Other/Non-Traditional. Within each we have subcategories, including media types, products/services, etc.

Exposure, exposure, exposure. Winners will receive exceptional year-round recognition in two high-profile media platforms.

Winners will be:

  • Showcased in the Interactive Awards section, published in the March 2009 issue of Applied Arts. This glossy, beautifully designed issue is read by more than 65,000 of your clients, colleagues and competitors.
  • Featured in the very popular Interactive Awards Winners gallery on www.appliedartsmag.com, which attracts more than 200,000 visitors annually.
Contest Tags: interactive media, 2008, online advertising, web design
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