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Posted: Sep 09, 2008


Type:Art Show
Category:Art Contests > All Art Forms
Entry Fee:$31 - 40
Prizes:Inclusion in Exhibition
Entry Deadline
Oct 3 2008

Art Show Details

What is fear, what do we fear, and what effect does fear have on us? Some view fear as a simple survival mechanism; bred into us by evolution, helping to keep us safe from harm. Some people are plagued by fear and anxiety, fear itself crippling their ability to function —something to be avoided or for them to medicate away. For others fear is a source of entertainment, an exciting sensation they experience safely, from behind a movie screen or a video game console. Some personages even use fear as a tool or a weapon, leverage with which to further their agendas of manipulating consumers, voters, or even entire civilizations.


  • A feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of danger. A state or condition marked by this feeling: living in fear.
  • A feeling of disquiet or apprehension: a fear of looking foolish.
  • A mixed feeling of dread and reverence: the love and fear of God.
  • A reason for dread or apprehension: Being alone is my greatest fear.

This fall Projekt30 will host its second exhibition exploring our fears and the role fear plays in our lives and in our society. It will be publicly juried, the final exhibition will consist of artwork from 30 artists.

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