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Posted: Sep 08, 2008

MyArtSpace Art Scholarship Competition

Category:Art Contests > All Art Forms
Entry Fee:Free
Prizes:$16,000 in Scholarships
Entry Deadline
Nov 21 2008

Scholarship Details

myartspace.com has created a scholarship program for students of artistic merit wishing to continue their education in an approved MFA, BFA or higher level degree program for the arts. The scholarship is intended for students who exhibits exceptional artistic excellence in all mediums of the visual arts including photography and video, both contemporary and traditional in nature.

The scholarship arises from the commitment to supporting artists who are committed to their skill and development as an artist. For two years myartspace has been a key figure in availing opportunity in the arts on the web and in global events. Myartspace is providing a 3 scholarship prizes for undergraduate students and separately 3 scholarship prizes for graduate students.

First Prize:
$5000 for undergraduate student
$5000 for graduate student

Second Prize:
$2000 for undegraduate student
$2000 for graduate student

Third Prize:
$1000 for undergraduate student
$1000 for graduate student

The deadline for registration and online submission of work is November 21, 2008. You must upload your JPEGS/videos into a myartspace online gallery. Up to 20 images can be submitted for consideration.

Scholarship winners will be announced on December 19, 2008.

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