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Posted: Jul 31, 2008

Operation Immortality: Adam and Eve 2.0 Art Contest

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Entry Fee:Free
Prizes:Winner's Artwork and DNA sent into Space!
Entry Deadline
Aug 31 2008

Contest Details

Could your art help preserve the human race? Operation Immortality is a chance for you and your artwork to be a part of mankind's "greatest achievements."

NCsoft, one of the world's leading publishers of online computer games, has announced it will launch the "Immortality Drive" - a digital time capsule containing the greatest achievements of mankind along with select humans digitized DNA. The archive will be stored at the International Space Station to serve as a remote "offsite backup" of humanity, should we suffer a fate where, like in NCsoft's Tabula Rasa video game, mankind must fight for their survival after the earth is destroyed.

Contest Theme: Adam and Eve 2.0
If the Earth did end and the human race was reborn from the digitized DNA we send into outer space, what will Adam and Eve 2.0 look like?

All styles and mediums are welcome.

How to participate
Anyone is welcome to participate. Simply register an Epilogue forum account and post your entry in the official contest thread.

  • Artwork must have been created within the last year, and must be wholly owned by the artist as their own creation, not as an art assignment or work for hire product.
  • One entry per person
  • Entries must be posted in the official contest forum before the deadline
  • Entries should be no larger than 900px wide/high (for forum display purposes)


The Judges
The final winning images will be selected by our esteemed judges:
JP Targete
Philip Straub

Your DNA and selected artwork will be digitized and sent into space with the astronaut and creator of Tabula Rasa, Richard Garriott, to be stored on the International Space Station as part of mankind's greatest achievements. The selection will also have the opportunity to serve as further NCsoft promotional materials.

The judges will pick the most influential piece of artwork, as related to Operation Immortality and its theme, for the opportunity of representing the "snapshot of humanity."

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