172 lightwave 3d contest 2008

Posted: Jul 23, 2008

Lightwave 3D Contest 2008

Category:Art Contests > 3D & Animation
Entry Fee:Free
Prizes:Lightwave 3D Software
Entry Deadline
Jul 31 2008

Contest Details

Show us what you've got, and we'll show it to the world. NewTek wants to showcase what an amazing, powerful system LightWave 3D® is in the hands of a great artist like you. We are looking for the best mind-blowing animations - created entirely with LightWave® - that we can find.

The contest theme is about high-energy, action-packed video that defines "Model, Animate and Render" - We want you, the artist, to have as much artistic freedom as possible; however, we still need to define the rules for this contest:

  • Multiple entries per person are accepted. Each entry requires you to fill out the entry form.
  • Animations must be submitted as QuickTime animations in HD resolution (1280x720) using the following recommendations:
    - Video Length: up to 15 sec.
    - Compression: Quicktime H.264 codec
    - Max file size: 150 MB
    - up to 30 frames per sec.
  • The animation must be 100% LightWave models, rigging and renders only. You can use any non-commercial, freely available plugin.
  • Post-production outside of LightWave is limited to color correction, transitions, time stretching.
  • Use of audio will not be considered when judging, However, feel free to add voice-over for character animation/lip sync or sound FX.
  • No derogatory content will be tolerated. All video files submitted must be in good taste.
  • Winners must sign a release that the animation is their original work, and is in no way derived or copied from any other person or source.

JUDGING: All entrants agree to accept the decisions of the judges. NewTek reserves the right to amend these rules at any time. Winners will be announced at SIGGRAPH 2008, and on http://www.lightwave3d.com

Contest Tags: Lightwave 3D, NewTek, model, animate, render
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