171 stuff your sorries in a sack

Posted: Jul 23, 2008

Stuff Your Sorries In a Sack

Type:Art Show
Category:Art Contests > Other
Entry Fee:$11 - 20
Location:Atlanta, GA
Prizes:Included in Art Show
Entry Deadline
Sep 15 2008

Art Show Details

Stuff your baggage in the sack we send you and move on with your life - because this project is all about letting go. We're sending out up to 500 little sacks that we want you to fill with things that you need to get off your chest. We will then be hosting a reception for them at our gallery in Atlanta, Ga where we will put your sacks filled with your old baggage out in the open and let people experience what you have moved on from.

We are donating $1.00 of every entry fee to Hopeline.


Entry is limited to the first 500 people to sign up. Entry fee is $12, which covers the sack, shipping the sack to you, and inclusion into the gallery show. Use the form to the right to pay via PayPal. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to sign up.

When your entry is displayed in the show, it can be completely anonymous. Simply include as little or as much information on the outside of the sack or contents within.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of some of the entries being anonymous, we are not able to return them to you after the show. However, we will be keeping them in our permanent collection at the gallery and also hope to publish many of them in a future book.


We want you to be as free and open with this project as you want to be, so the only main rule is that you must use the provided sack in some way and that your contents must fit within the sack.

The theme is "missed opportunities, apologies, and attachments", but please take that loosely. There is no restriction or censorship on content.

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