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Posted: Jul 14, 2008

AHETEMS Design Competition

Category:Design Contests > Product Design
Entry Fee:Free
Location:Phoenix, Arizona
Prizes:$3,000 first place
Entry Deadline
Aug 1 2008

Competition Details

The AHETEMS Design Competition is intended to stimulate a creative, intellectual and entrepreneurial spirit, develop technical presentation skills, and instill cooperation essential in a technical design project. This competition intends to test the technical and business intellect of Latino/a engineering and science students in the fabrication of a cost-effective product. Competitors must research, design, build, and test a marketable product and write a relevant technical paper within an allotted time frame based on the theme for the competition.

The technical theme for the 2008 AHETEMS Design Competition will be LUNAR SURFACE SYSTEMS.


The design, based on the theme, must be a commercially marketable product that has both a unique social benefit and improves the quality of life, especially for the Hispanic community. This design should not be a duplicate of a currently existing commercial product, but may be an improvement to a currently existing commercial product. The design should be creative, but demonstrate technical merit.


Each team may solicit the assistance of no more than two (2) graduate students or engineering professionals from industry, academia, or government to serve as mentors. The mentor(s) may assist the team in detailing the design, and if selected as a team finalist, in developing the presentation charts and rehearsing the oral presentation. The name(s) and organization(s) of the mentor(s) must be included in the design concept paper.


Students interested in participating in the design competition must submit the Design Competition Entry Form, an abstract and a design concept paper. No materials will be accepted by fax. Materials may be submitted electronically to designcomp@shpe.org in MS Word 97 or later. No Portable Document Format (PDF) will be accepted. Abstracts and design concept papers received in any format other than Microsoft Word will be automatically disqualified.


The Design Competition Entry Form, abstract and draft design concept paper must be postmarked by 11:59 pm EST, Friday, August 1, 2008. Entries postmarked after this date/time will be automatically disqualified.

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