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Posted: Jul 01, 2008

Projeck30 - I (pronoun)

Type:Art Show
Category:Art Contests > All Art Forms
Entry Fee:$31 - 40
Prizes:Display in show
Entry Deadline
Jul 14 2008
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Art Show Details

Since mankind invented the mirror, artists have created self portraits. We have created them for many reasons. Stone sculptors would sometimes include a small, hidden self portrait as a signature, or would work one of the piece's figures in their own likeness. Master painters would paint self portraits to demonstrate their technical prowess to potential clients. Introspects explore their lives and their selves by capturing their own form. Conceptual artists use their own form or images of their form to comment upon society. Egotists created self portraits out of narcissism and the need to be seen by others.

This August, Projekt30 will hold an exhibition of self portraits. As always, it will be publicly juried with the final exhibition consisting of artwork from 30 artists.

Deadline: July 14, 2008
Publicly Juried: July 18, 2008 - August 5, 2008
Opens: August 8, 2008
Fee: $35 for 5 images, $5 for each additional image. Members (who's membership is active at the time of the deadline) may submit up to 10 images at no additional charge.

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