There are many things you face if you are struggling with anxiety, you will be constantly worrying, feeling tense, or thinking negative and even catastrophic. There are many cause of anxiety, however the exact cause are not certain. Many people who suffer from this condition often share risk factors, such as having a family member who has anxiety, experiencing trauma or even mental illness. If you, your friend or your family member are struggling with anxiety, you don’t need to worry, using the right combination of medications, cognitive approaches and lifestyles change can help you to overcome anxiety. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to reduce the symptoms and control anxiety.

The first step is make sure to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes. You might want to seek social support to cope with anxiety in healthier ways. Make sure to join local support, participate in religious or spiritual organization or simply hang out with your friend. Then, make sure that you have enough of sleep, because a lack of sleep can cause anxiety. There are several ways to make your sleep easy, one of the best way is make sure that your bed room environment comfortable and strictly for sleeping and use aromatherapy such as lavender to promote relaxation. Then, make sure that you are exercise everyday and eat a balanced diet. And the best way is by take regular self care such as hot bath, “me time”, facial and many more.

The next step is practicing deep breathing exercise. This practice can be done to relieve and control your anxiety whenever it comes up. The best way to do is by finding a quiet space where you can be alone with no distraction. Make sure that you are able to close out distractions, sit upright, with your back straight. Then inhale slowly through your nose for four second, let your lower belly expand with the breath. Then, hold for two second and release them through your mouth. You should hear “whoosh” sounds and your belly should be deflating. Then, pause for a few second before taking a new breath, this should be done to avoid hyperventilating. Make sure to do this 5 minutes per session and 2 sessions per day.

The next step is getting professional treatment. Make sure to call your doctor about anxiety, especially when anxiety starts interfering with your school, work, relationships or other activities. By consulting with a mental health professional such a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist, you will be able to find relief by prescribing medications. Make sure to have your therapist clarify your diagnosis and ask questions about the type of anxiety you have. Then, you can discuss and determine which treatment options that are best for you. It could be prescription medication, therapy or combination of both. You can get CBD Oil for Pain for prescription medication or even get therapy to ensure that you are getting the best treatment. However, make sure to be patients because cure anxiety is a long term marathon, not a sprinting job.

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