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Posted: Dec 09, 2008

GE Edison Award 2008

Type:Call for Entries
Category:Design Contests > Product Design
Entry Fee:Free
Location:New York, New York
Prizes:GE Edison Award
Entry Deadline
Jan 12 2009

Call for Entries Details

The 2008 GE Edison Award competition is open to those lighting professionals who creatively employ significant use of GE light sources (lamps and/or LEDs) in a lighting design project completed during the 2008 calendar year (from 01 January 2008 through 31 December 2008).


The GE Edison Award competition is open to all professional designers, architects, engineers, and consultants (except GE employees) who have made significant use of GE lamps in the submitted project. Only installations completed between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2008 may be submitted. Award winners and entrants in a previous GE Edison Award program may not resubmit previous entries, but are invited to submit new projects. Multiple projects may be submitted by the same entrant/entrants.

This competition is to find a work that makes significant and creative use of GE light sources (lamps and/or LEDs) in the submitted project. While the lighting installation need not be achieved exclusively through the use of GE light sources, the entry will be judged on the degree of achievement through the primary use of GE light sources.

Judging Criteria

A panel of lighting professionals, including one representative from GE, will judge qualifying entries using a point scale based on the following criteria:

  • Functional excellence (15 points)
  • Architectural compatibility (15 points)
  • Effective use of state-of-the-art lighting products and techniques (15 points)
  • Appropriate color, form and texture revelation (15 points)
  • Energy effectiveness (15 points)
  • Cost effectiveness (15 points)
  • Additional features (10 points)

Projects scoring the highest number of points qualify to receive Awards of Excellence and Awards of Merit. The judges may also select Awards for Excellence in Environmental Design and an Award for Residential Design based on the presence of entries that encompass the exemplary and outstanding design features that support each category.

Awards for Excellence in Environmental Design are given to those projects that demonstrate exemplary lighting design that is sensitive to impacts on the environment. These designs, while providing high-quality lighting, should minimize the use of energy, maximize the use of daylighting, control light pollution, and ensure system durability and maintainability.

An Award for Residential Design may be presented to the project that best exemplifies excellence in a residential application. Expected features of this design would include innovative application(s) of light and the creative integration of lighting layers and controls.

Entries remain anonymous throughout the judging process and are evaluated equally, regardless of type or size of project. The decision of the judges is final.

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