239 logo for a new mobile phone brand

Posted: Nov 10, 2008

Logo for a new mobile phone brand

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Category:Design Contests > Logo Design
Entry Fee:Free
Prizes:A mobile phone
Entry Deadline
Dec 14 2008

Competition Details

We started manufacturing mobile phones is 2008 and we need a logo that stands out of the crowd. Our company's name is GSI, which will also be the new brand of phones. Our mobile phones will be sold in shops in Europe and the US at first. The phones we produce have a sleek, simple, elegant design, oriented on business men and young people. They are made out of quality materials and packed with the latest technology. You can either submit a logo that is abstract (or a symbol) or a logo made out of the letters G S I. All your creations are welcome. The winner will receive one of our new phone models, the Kroma.
If you would like more details or pictures of your latest phones, please email me.

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